Vegan Sailing...Eat, Sail, Love and sister company Bel Ami Voyages...Sail Into Romance  promote responsible travel through efforts to preserve our planet and our resources, while providing a healthy and stimulating vacation alternative to vegans (i.e Vegan Sailing) and non-vegans (Bel Ami Voyages) alike.

We utilise locally produced goods and services whenever possible in provisioning for its charters.  Charter guests are directed to and encouraged to patronize local vendors for all of their shopping needs.  We work with many local diving operators in the area to provide rendezvous scuba diving.  Many of the different islands provide services and events that we encourage our guests to participate in.  For example, at Foxy’s on Jost Van Dyke, there is the Jost Van Dyke Preservation Society (  We always make it a point to show our guests what is happening there, especially the progress on the wooden boat the high school students are building.  Our guests have the opportunity to make charitable contributions to this effort.  Maintaining and servicing a 53 foot sailboat takes a team effort, and that is accomplished by working with the wonderful local individuals at the boatyard for such tasks as haul out, bottom maintenance, engineering services and so forth.  By employing local individuals to provide these essential services, we are making a significant contribution to the local economy.  

Our 53 foot sailboat (s/v Bel Ami) outfitted with solar panels and wind generator for sustainable energy sources.  We are committed to reducing our energy blueprint, reducing carbon emissions by running our engine only when absolutely indicated.  We have an on-board water maker (reverse osmosis) that utilises sun and wind energy to make water out of the ocean, thereby helping to conserve the islands precious fresh water supplies.   Promotion of vegan cuisine results in effective preservation/protection of many of the earth’s resources, as the energy involved in vegan food production is a fraction of that required for non-vegan food sources.  We car share to avoid further congestion on the island.  Rather than extensive printing of marketing materials, we exclusively utilise internet based marketing to avoid excess paper usage.  We contribute to the National Parks Fund on a regular basis as part of our fees in utilising the National Parks services.  

Our clients respect the local West Indian cultural norms, particularly appropriate dress codes when visiting villages.  Tours include visits to historic ruins and preservation sites.  We actively participate in local events, such as Carnival, racing, musical festivals.  As one of the founding member of the Virgin Islands Philharmonic Orchestra, we have helped to promote the cultural arts.  

Bel Ami Voyages/Vegan Sailing is the dream child of Captain (and Doctor) Dave Goodman.  Bel Ami Voyages...Sail Into Romance was started 4 years ago by Captain/Dr Dave.  He is a lifelong sailor who became a Vegan two years ago in response to the onset of Angina (heart related exercise induced chest pain).  He has not only prevented progression of his heart problem, but has also reversed it with Vegan nutrition.  In the process he discovered a great need for Vegan vacation alternatives, and started Vegan Sailing to fulfill that need.  As Dr. Dave, he sees to not only to the vacation pleasures of guests aboard Bel Ami, but also to their health and well being needs, with particular emphasis on nutrition and battling the “Diseases of Affluence:  obesity, heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, prostate disease, breast cancer, arthritis, and other disease.