Here are some links to popular Vegan and Vegetarian sites:

    "Our purpose is to make healthy food easy to find and more accessible."
    Worldwide vegan traveler Wendy Werneth writes about traveling around the world while enjoying great vegan food.
Vegetarian Vacations Veggie Holidays Directory
    Worldwide directory of tour operators offering vegetarian or vegan food.
Bicycle Beano Veggie Cycling Holidays
    Sociable cycling holidays in Wales and England UK with delicious vegetarian organic food.
Veg News
     The premier vegan lifestyle magazine, VegNews serves up the latest in meat-free news, food, travel, politics, and buzz.
T. Colin Campbell Foundation
     Scientific Integrity for Optimal Health
     Comprehensive resource for vegetarian & vegan world travel
     Excellent travel site listing Vegan resources all over the world!
Vegetarian Guides
     Mapping the World for Vegetarians and Vegans
     Connecting Vegans and Vegetarians Worldwide
     An organization dedicated to helping people commit to and continue living a plant-based lifestyle. 
     An article written by Missi Davis:  "When people imagine the diet of a top level sports star they imagine lots of carbs and lots of protein, but this does not have to rule out vegans.  From NFL starts like Tony Gonzalex to sprint legend Carl Lewis, vegans have proved a well contracted diet can be animal product free.
     A short article about the benefits of a Vegan Diet