Our Veggie Cuisine will fill your tummys and titilate your palettes.  Captain Dave loves to cook as well as eat!  Need low fat meals?  No problem, we have mastered the art of delicious oil-free cooking. Here is a sample of what you might expect in a typical day aboard

BREAKFAST:  fresh fruit, whole grain cereals, pancakes, oatmeal, home baked whole grain breads, fabulous smoothies

LUNCH: veggie wraps, black bean burgers, delicious soups and tropical salads

DINNER:  fabulous stir frys with a variety of whole grains including brown rice, quinoa; southwestern vegetable stews/chili; currys; stuffed peppers; whole wheat pasta

Snacks: hummus, pita bread, Thai spring rolls, mango salsa, homemade corn tortillas.

Have a particular food preference or favorite meal?  We go out of our way to make sure all your culinary needs are met.  We accommodate gluten free and want to know if you are allergic to any types of foods and any other food preferences you may have.