Many months of secretive planning finally came to fruition in celebration of Chris' surprise 50th birthday voyage aboard Bel Ami.  Wife Janene's intention was to sweep husband Chris off his feet with a surprise cruise of a lifetime.  Chris originally thought they were flying to Hawaii, but soon noticed that the airport gate signs were pointing in the opposite direction.  We met them as they were coming off the plane, and kept the surprise going by introducing ourselves as being from the "Agency" and sent to pick them up, give them an island tour, get some food and then finally drop them off at where they would be staying the rest of the birthday week.  Once we finished our dinner at Cariga's, the little bar/restaurant at the end of "A" dock where we keep Bel Ami, we suggested a walk along the dock to see the boats.  As we got to Bel Ami, I indicated I knew the owner who "was absent" but who wouldn't mind us showing off his boat, and Chris and Janene climbed aboard for a tour.  After showing the forward cabin, salon, galley and navigation areas, we led them back to the aft cabin and sprung the surprise...Here was their home for the next week.  Chris' jaw dropped dumfounded and totally surprised, he shed some tears as he gave Janene the biggest hug in the world.  The rest of the story is told in pictures.

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