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John and Tina from Philadelphia (no, they don’t know my Aunt Lili from Phili) flew direct to St. Thomas from Phili to celebrate their recent marriage. Mini-disaster struck just before we left to pick them up at the airport—the fresh water pump decided it had enough. So Bobbie Rae went to collect them while I stayed behind to replace the pump. As most things go on the boat, it took way longer for me to do what needed to get done, so we put them up at the Secret Harbor Resort for their first night in St. Thomas. A wedding was going on there, and they sorta crashed it, asking the band for a song. Next day was snorkeling clinic for John at the beach, where he went from novice to advanced in minutes with the addition of a noodle. With a new fresh water pump installed we shoved off for Turtle Cove on Buck Island and John promptly proceeded to intimately commune with the ocean via mal de mer (remember: always barf off the leeward side!). He managed to survive the short trip and we all enjoyed swimming with the turtles and seeing the Wreck of the Cardenza. That night we were back in the slip with the thought of going to the full moon summer solstice party at the Dive Bar. John and Tina decided to pack it in early so Bobbie Rae and I went and got rained on. In the morning we headed out to the BVI, checking in at Soper’s Hole and making Cane Garden Bay, where John and Tina went kayaking and enjoyed music and happy hour libations. With the wind shifting northerly, we decided to sail south to Norman Island, snorkeling the Bight, Caves and Indians and hiking the hills for some amazing views. Then on to Cooper Island for an incredible sunset, painkillers and dinner, then a magical full moon sail up the Sir Francis Drake Channel to Spanish Town on Virgin Gorda for a rather rocky night. Next day we rented a car to go to the Baths and tour Virgin Gorda for amazing views at Hog Heaven, “like being on top of the world.” Then we night sailed again back down the Channel to Leinster Bay and Watermelon (or Waterlemon) Cay, where we again snorkeled and hiked the ruins of the Annenberg Sugar Mill, as well as the Murphy house and other very neat ruins. Their final night aboard was, most fittingly, at Honeymoon Bay on Water Island, where we enjoyed sunset cocktails and dinner at the Dingy Beach Bar. Next day we said our farewells as we dropped them off on the beach at Lindberg Bay for the short 5 minute walk to the airport terminal. Having John and Tina aboard got Bobbie Rae and I in touch with why we have chosen to follow this path and do what we do. Being surrounded by John and Tina’s love and dedication to each other filled us with their positive energy. Surrounding yourselves with others who exude positive energy is absolutely invigorating and intoxicating, creating feedback loops that nourish and sustain in the most amazing ways! Thank you John and Tina for choosing us and Bel Ami Voyages, and we hope to see you aboard again soon!