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Las Vegas…what happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas.  Except for William and Ghanima.  They’ve been happening in Las Vegas for the past 6 years, and decided not to stay in Las Vegas but rather decided to get out of town for a week’s getaway aboard Bel Ami.  And we are so glad they did, treating us to a class act for a week of sailing.  Wished they would have brought the Las Vegas dry weather with them, but no such luck.  Between no wind alternating with thunderstorms and rain, coupled with northerly swells, the weather was challenging for sure.  But we managed to make the best of it while feasting and drinking our way through the islands.  Our itinerary took us first to Salt Pond Bay where we visited Drunk Bay and the coral people, hiked up to Ram’s Head and went snorkeling.  Motor sailed into Road Towne to check into the BVI, then to Norman Island and the Bight, where we partied for Halloween at the Willi-T and snorkeled the Caves and the Indians.  Enroute to Haulover Bay on Cooper Island we stopped at Salt Island to snorkel the Wreck of the Rhone and do some hiking on the hills surrounding the salt pond.  William and Ghanima enjoyed a romantic dinner for two at Cooper Island Beach Club while Bobbie and I snuggled up to the Rum Bar.  Next day to the Bathes where William relived his younger years climbing through the boulder fields. After a quick visit to Spanish Towne we enjoyed a fabulous night sail back west, ending up in Great Harbor, Peter Island.  Then back to the good old US Virgins with an overnight at Francis Bay.  The final day of our trip had us swimming with the Turtles at Buck Island, a quick stop at Honeymoon Bay on Water Island for a final goodbye libation, then wet landing drop off at Lindburgh Bay by the airport, where we walked to the terminal.  William and Ghanima almost missed their flight because of a departure time mixup.  But fortune prevailed, William managed to hail the Seaborne Airlines flight crew in time (using their own radio) and they got on the flight.  As I review the week, it seems that although we had the most relaxing time, we sure did cover a lot of ground (water, that is) in a short period of time.  William and Ghanima now know they have their own private yacht waiting for their next visit to the Caribbean.  We hope to see them again soon!