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Here’s our wedding story: We decided to have a very simple wedding, no ceremony, no fuss, no muss, just have a certified minister sign the papers, and that’d be it. So on Tuesday, February 3rd, we go down to the court house, and pick up three certified copies of our wedding license, which is our license to get married (of course!). We are not married yet, as we have to have the wedding license signed by certified “minister”. We call our friend Rick and tell him we are ready for his signature, but he is busy. He says to meet him later in the afternoon at his place of business (he owns Latitude 18, a great bar and restaurant in St. Thomas). So we go back to our boat slip, where some of the ladies on the dock meet us with a bridal veil for Bobbie and a white top hat for me. These same ladies (Lynne, Julie, Jackie and Gayle) also inform us that there will be a dock party starting late that afternoon to celebrate our wedding! Later in the afternoon, wearing the bridal veil and top hat, we go to Latitude 18 hoping to meet Rick and get our papers signed, but he’s not there. We give him a call, and he tells us he will meet us back at the dock later in the early evening, perhaps around 7:30 pm or so. So its now late afternoon, and we get back to the dock where the wedding party is happening, only we are not married yet. Bobbie Rae says to no one in particular “gosh, I wish there was someone here who could sign the papers and marry us.” In response to that query, our dear friend Diane pipes up and says “well, I’m certified to marry people in the Virgin Islands…I can sign your papers if you want…but you will have to have some sort of ceremony.” Well, as much as we didn’t want to have much of a ceremony, we couldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth, and so we both said our “do’s” to Diane’s “Do you take…” and voila, we were married, with friends Jan and Sam as witnesses signing the paper. But…the story doesn’t end here. Next day, we show up at the courthouse to register our signed marriage license and are informed that Diane did not sign it in the proper place! So we have to gather Diane, Sam and Jan again later that afternoon for their signatures. This time I (Dave) decide I’m going to fill out the paperwork in advance, and make sure its correct. And of course I screw up the paperwork. But we are saved by whiteout, and Diane manages to sign over the whiteout with a black sharpee pen. Bobbie Rae delivers the license back to the court, where they finally accept it (even with the whiteout), and we are finally official. Hip Hip Hooray!!! For our honeymoon we shoved off on Saturday, Feb 7 and sailed up to Jost Van Dyke to spend the weekend. That evening we put on our wedding garb and strolled down the dock to Foxy’s and were greeted like celebrities. We danced through the night and held each other tight and made lots of new friends. Next day we met our new friends at White Bay and proceeded to have another lovely day at the beach. So thats our wedding story, and we are sticking to it!